Fear of floods in Rawalpindi due to heavy rainfalls

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Many countries around the world have been affected by the rains for the past several days, which has increased the risk of floods. Just a week ago, The worst flood hits china’s Henan and Zhengzhou Province. Deadly floods have caused huge financial losses in china and losses more than 70 lives. The heaviest rain in history has caused floods in china. Similar flood situation in many countries of the world including Mexico, Italy, Bangladesh, Myanmar, etc.

Pakistan has also been suffering from rains for the last several days. The cloudburst caused severe flooding in sector E-11 of Islamabad. The flood caused a lot of financial loss and 2 people lost their lives. Due to heavy rain, the water level in the streams has risen and spillways of the Rawal dam have been opened.

Nullah Lai has been instrumental in the flood devastation in Rawalpindi. In case of flood, the people of the area face a lot of trouble. Because the canal is in the middle of the city, the risk of damages increased due to heavy rains.

Terrible climate change has led to many deaths in different areas of Pakistan. In the last days of July, More than 20 people lost their lives in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and 21 in Balochistan. Flood, landslides, and monsoon rains are the leading cause of death. The Meteorological Department has also forecast monsoon rains in early August, which could lead to floods.

RDA Vice Chairman Kamal Hashmi gives an interview to Express Tribune and said that ” this year there is no danger of flooding in Nullah Lai and Soan River. This year, we have completely cleaned all the small and big drains including Nullah Lai “. However, the management has taken some precautionary measures to prevent any emergencies.

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