Hammad Safi – The Youngest Motivational Speaker of Pakistan

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Kids are known for their mischief and fun, but some kids are very intelligent and genius from childhood. Their mental faculties are even greater than those of the great scholars and thinkers. Hammad Safi is one of them.

This article is about How Hammad Safi became the motivational speaker of Pakistan at a very early age.

Hammad Safi (Introduction)

Hammad Safi has the honor of being the youngest motivational speaker and an article writer of Pakistan. The reason behind his fame is not motivational speaking but his young age. He became a motivational speaker when he is just 11 years old.

He is born in Momand Agency, Peshawar in 2006. His father is a businessman who wanted him to learn English and basic computer skills. He has delivered motivational lectures in more than one hundred well-known universities of Pakistan.

Hammad’s life mission is to create awareness for the youth about education in the light of Iqbal’s Philosophy and help Kids become super kids. He wants to complete his Ph.D. before the age of 16 and his aim is to revive the philosophy and the ideology of Allama Iqbal. He is also known as Nanha(Little) Professor.


Hammad Safi was very intelligent and unique from his childhood. He was studying in a traditional school but after some time, he dropped out of school and started taking English classes So that he can learn according to his interest and complete his education as soon as possible. So he completed his four-year course in Signal Year only.

His father Abdul Rehman Khan who is a businessman told that ” he is not an ordinary child. I have seen some special abilities in it. and I appointed special teachers for him.

Hammad began taking English classes in the Super Kid program, as well as working on inner manners and etiquette. He also gave motivational lectures in front of teachers and students in which his teachers guides him.

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Hammad was invited first by the UOP to give a lecture. The topic of the lecture was facing challenges and the importance of challenges in life which is lasted for 1 hour. The lecture was viewed by 1 million people on social media, after which a new chapter of fame began in Hammad’s life.

In late 2017, Hammad created his own YouTube channel and started posting lectures and interviews on it, which later became famous and Hammad Safi become a shining star. Hammad has delivered lectures in every major university and his number of listeners is increasing day by day.

As an influential figure at an early age, he used his speeches in the media to highlight people’s thinking. His lectures teach young people how to live a good and successful life by acquiring practical knowledge and putting it into practice.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Bill Gates, and Albert Einstein are the people who impressed him and he has put pictures of all these people on the wall of his bedroom.

Hammad Safi

Now he is the head of the Super Kid program, where he helps other children to polish and improve their abilities. He has also been awarded the title of “Pride of Pakistan” and ” the Pupil Of The 12 months ” by USECS.

” I am proud of his intelligence and abilities which are God Gifted and I want him to become a special leader in life ” Hammad’s Father

Failure is the basis of Success

Hammad Safi


This is all about Hammad Safi and this is how you can become a break the tradition and become a trendsetter. Always follow your passion, Do what you want, learn about what you want, and make history.

I hope this article will be helpful to you and if you like it then definitely share it with your friends and I salute your patience for reading it in full.

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