How Hisham Sarwar became a millionaire on the internet?

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Freelancing has become a profession and is being taken seriously by a large number of people in Pakistan. Achieving success in freelancing requires hard work and dedication. Few people make success in their destiny because of their hard work. Achieving success is a great thing but maintaining it and giving back to society is the mark of a worthy person. Hisham Sarwar is a personality who has earned respect and a name in the freelance industry.

This article is about Hisham Sarwar and you will know how he became an internet millionaire. He is an inspiration for freelancers who want to be successful in their life, if you are one of them then let’s know the success story of Hisham Sarwar. So let’s start with the introduction.

Hisham Sarwar – Introduction

Hisham Sarwar is a Rawalpindi- based freelancer, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Mentor who has been involved in freelancing for over two decades. Nowadays, he is known as an instructor/mentor who inspires young people to learn and earn money online.

He is a well-known figure in Pakistan especially in the freelance industry and freelancers consider him the guru of freelancing. He started freelancing when there was no concept of freelancing in Pakistan. He had a passion for sketching since childhood and this passion led him to freelance.

Hisham Sarwar holds a degree in Business and Administration. He was an average student in his childhood, He wrote in his book Seekhana Seekho that “studying till 12th standard was like a nightmare for me”.

Hisham aims to reshape every Pakistani’s life through a series of training and make them realize that you can change your life. He provides free training to freelancers on their YouTube channel. He also directed a freelancing course at DigiSkills where he gave freelancing tips and tricks to freelancers.

Recently, he started visiting universities to give lectures on youth empowerment and large numbers of people come to listen to him. Following is Hisham Sarwar’s journey. So keep reading to know how an average student became a millionaire from freelancing.


The journey began when Hisham was studying. He had no interest in studies and therefore scored average marks in exams. He was fond of sketching since his childhood and that is why he enrolled in arts after matriculation. Along with his studies, He also continued his sketching. His father also gave him a tablet on which he used to do artwork and designs. After the graphical interface of Windows, he find out that he could also transfer the artwork and designs he created to the computer. He was very excited and kept editing his sketches by transferring them to the computer.

One day Hisham went to a bookstore with his friend where he saw a poster with a picture of Bill Gates, his friend told him that this is the man who created an operating system for computers. The poster contained the life story of Bill Gates and how he created Windows. After reading the story of Bill Gates, He found out that money can be earned from computers as well, which led him to find ways to earn money online.

His friend told him there is a freelance marketplace where you can earn money by selling your graphic design services online. At that time, there were only 2 freelance marketplaces operating which were Elance and eMoonlighter. 

Hisham Sarwar started working at but failed, after which he started working at eMoonlighter which is now known as Along with studies, He used to give time to freelancing as well. He started freelancing by making brochures and paid his final semester fees for his MBA through freelancing.

After completing his MBA, he started working in an overseas company with a monthly salary of 4000. Along with the job, he was also freelancing, he used to go to the office in the morning and freelance at night, due to which he often reached the office late. After a year and a half, he quit and started a new job at a cell phone company.

After working for 3 years, one day Hisham Sarwar and his boss had a bitter argument as a result of which he left the job. He decided not to do a 9-to-5 job again and take up freelancing as a career. He told his father that now he will devote time to freelancing instead of a job.

He took office in Tahli Mohri area of  Rawalpindi for freelancing and start working. After constant hard work, Hisham started earning 600 to 700 dollars and sometimes fell asleep in the office due to overwork. With his hard work and dedication, he completely shifted his source of income from a job to freelancing.

Hisham Sarwar continued his struggle and provided high-quality work to clients which led to his inclusion in the list of Top Freelancers on He was the only Pakistani to remain in the Hall of Fame for 11 months. He started freelancing in 2004 and after just 9 years of hard work he became a millionaire.


Hisham Sarwar achieved many achievements at an early age. Started freelancing in 2001 with a single computer and later started Infomist which is an outsourcing company providing website design and development services. His company has been featured in the list of top 10 service providers on  

In 2015, Hisham earned 1 million dollars in freelancing in one year, bringing him considerable recognition. In 2015, Hisham Sarwar has been honored with the “Global Impact Award” by Upwork. It is a highly prestigious award given to freelancers who have made a significant impact on the freelance industry globally.

He was also listed as one of the “Top 100 Influential People” in the Freelancing Industry by in 2016. He is the only Pakistani whose name is included in this list of influential people in the freelancing industry. Many people started asking Hisham how he increased their freelance income. From here began an unstoppable series of questions that continues to this day. 

He created a group on Facebook where people asked questions related to earning online and he answered them to solve people’s problems. Within a few days, the questions became so numerous that a team was formed to answer them. 

Seeing people’s interest in freelancing, Hisham started teaching freelancing for free through videos that went viral in no time. After all of that, he became a celebrity and gained a lot of respect and fame. People call him a freelance guru who gives tips and tricks about freelancing. Many people got inspired by his videos and started making money online from home.

After some time, Digiskills approached Hisham to instruct a freelancing course for Pakistani youngsters. Digiskills aimed to train 1 million freelancers to reduce unemployment in Pakistan. After taking a course on Digiskills, His fan following grew immensely and he became a star.


He has a large number of fans on social media handles. His YouTube channel has 532k subscribers who watch his videos continuously. If we talk about Hisham’s followers on Facebook and Instagram, there are about 300k people.

Hisham’s dream was to create a freelance marketplace where Pakistani freelancers could earn money by selling their skills online. As Pakistan ranks fourth in freelancing worldwide but has no freelance marketplace, Hisham Sarwar fills this gap by creating Pakistan’s first freelance marketplace WorkChest and gives Pakistani freelancers an opportunity to earn money from home. Click on the image below to find out how you can earn money from WorkChest.


Hisham started many projects to pay back society. He launched many series and programs that empower youth and prepare them to earn money online. He is the founder of Beingguru, the most popular blog in Pakistan where he talks about freelancing and inspires people on how to succeed in life. He conducts seminars in various educational institutions so that the young generation can empower themselves by learning about internet earning and modern business. 

Hisham is well known for his services in the freelance industry but apart from that, he is a very kind person. He is a social man who wants to improve people’s lives by helping them. He created an app called Trudrops that connects blood donors with hospitals. It’s a Silicon Valley-based partnership for ‘Truedrops’, which connects hospitals with donors within a certain kilometer radius. Hisham usually posts on his Facebook about the need for blood to help people.

He also created an app called Konbola that helps people in distress. The app will send notifications with your location to your selected contacts and ask for help. 

Hisham Sarwar has been awarded many honors at the national and international levels. He was awarded the Rising Star Award by the Pakistan Software House Association in 2017. This award is given to young entrepreneurs who are making a positive impact in the IT industry.

In February 2022, Hisham was awarded the Prime Minister’s Excellence Award by former Prime Minister Imran Khan. He has also been featured in various popular publications like Forbes, Pro Pakistani, etc. 

Hisham also wrote a couple of books. One of his books Seekhna Seekho is very popular. Seekhna Seekho is a story of Hisham Sarwar in which he shares how he became an internet millionaire. He also shared 10 principles of success and 4 power hours for those who want to succeed in life.

If you dont talk about yourself, No one will talk about you

Hisham Sarwar

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  1. Mirza Zahid Baig says:

    Very impressive profile of Mr Hisham Sarwar. I am senior citizen of 72 years and had suddenly develop interest in IT commerce or e commerce. How much time do I have to spent daily to learn basic freelancing and how long the course for beginners is required to earn few bug in a month. Can I learn on line ? What course will you suggest for me?
    Course package be quoted also.

    1. Freelancing is about selling skills/services online/offline and making money. All you have to do is learn the skill that is in demand and that you are also interested in it. There are some platforms available online where you can learn skills. Digiskills is a platform that provides you with the highest-demand courses to build skills and make money.

      Our freelancing archives will help you cover most of your questions. So please check it out.

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