Newlywed arrived at hall floating in a cooking pot

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When we talk about weddings, the scenario that comes to our mind is a beautiful couple coming from a limousine wearing a fascinating dress. Also, Some people do something unique at their wedding such as taking Barat by helicopter, etc.

But recently a wedding was witnessed in an unusual style in the Indian state of Kerala where a newlywed couple arrived at the temple floating in a cooking pot.

According to sources, the Indian state of Kerala is under flood these days. After the area was flooded, communication with other areas was cut off and the married couple was forced to sit in a cooking pot and swim in the water to reach the wedding venue.

Groom Akash Kunjumon and his wife Aiswarya both are health workers in a Government hospital in the Alappuzha district. I never expected my marriage to be like this. Said bride to the Asianet

The video shows two men along with a photographer carrying a married couple to the temple in a cooking pot.

The newlywed couple is on the way to his wedding temple.

The guest could not reach the spot due to flooding and the wedding ceremony was held with less than 10 guests. Kunjumon said “We had no idea there would be so much water. we tried to arrange a boat but due to some reason, we couldn’t.

Floods and landslides in Kerala due to continuous rains have so far claimed 42 lives and left many missing. The highest rainfall was recorded in Kottayam and Idukki. Rainfall of 164 mm was recorded in Kottayam and 305 mm in Idukki.

After a lot of deaths due to floods and landslides, the couple doesn’t want to postpone their big day. That’s why they resorted to the cooking pot.

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