How Zubair Chinioti become a successful freelancer

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Making money on the Internet is a dream for many people, but not everyone succeeds. People choose to freelance to work from home at any time in any outfit and make good money. Some people make money on the internet but at the same time they teach others about making money online, Zubair Chinioti is one of them.

He started working on the Internet in 2013 and is now a successful freelancer after all this hard work and sacrifice. This article is about the success story of Zubair Chinioti. It is also encouraging for you how a fourth-grader earns millions of rupees a year from the internet. So let’s start with the introduction.

Zubair Chinioti (Introduction)

Hafiz Zubair Ahmed also known as Zubair Chinioti is a tech YouTuber, vlogger, and freelancer from chiniot. He is famous for teaching people about making money from the internet. He talks about blogging, cryptocurrency, and some other earning tutorials in his videos on youtube.

Zubair has a dream of making money online and today he made his dream into a reality through his hard work, dedication, sacrifices, and consistency. So let’s know the journey behind Zubair’s success.


The journey began in 2013 when Zubair was scrolling Facebook and saw some posts about making money online through watching ads. He start working on it and after some time he failed because that was a Ponzi scheme. He did not give up and started searching and learning about making money online by watching tutorials on YouTube.

He worked in his shop during the day and watched tutorials about making money online while he went home at night and implemented these tutorials. At that time, he was running his kariyana store in chiniot.

He failed many times but he never gives up and try his best to achieve his dreams because he was passionate about it. I failed many times due to lack of education, he said in his interview.

He usually watches videos of Tamoor Pardesi about making money online. Zubair said that he was very upset when Tamoor pardesi closed his free YouTube course due to public criticism. He further said that I did not have money to buy the course worth Rs 10,000 at that time.

After all this, he started his youtube channel and uploaded videos on it. In the beginning, he did not have his laptop to create and upload videos to YouTube. He used to take a laptop from his friend to make a video and after making the video he returns the laptop to his friend in the evening.

Zubair Chinioti regularly uploaded the first 18 videos and created unique content that was not previously available on YouTube. He bought a laptop from the savings that he made from his shop and increase their productivity.

Today, with years of hard work and perseverance, Zubair has turned his dream into a reality and made him an independent human being at a very young age.

Zubair Chinioti has a large following on social media. It has about 600,000 subscribers on its main YouTube channel and about 35,000 followers on Facebook and 13,000 followers on Instagram. He also has another YouTube channel which he uses for tech videos as well as vlogging.

Zubair has several sources of income which he has made with a lot of hard work and dedication. People think that he only works on YouTube but he not only works on YouTube but also offers some services which are his source of income.

Zubair usually shares his earnings from youtube on TikTok for motivation purposes. According to him, the worth of their setup is about 1.7 million rupees. You can see the video of Zubair’s setup below.

Zubair Chinioti Setup Tour


This is the journey behind the success story of Zubair chinioti. I hope this article will be helping to you and motivate you in your life to do something for yourself. Imagine, If a fourth-grader can achieve all of his dreams by working online without any resources, so what are your excuses.

Don’t make excuses because it won’t help you progress in life. Think from outside the box, make plans, take action and repeat the process.

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