RDA Approved societies in Rawalpindi 2023

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Real estate is one of the biggest businesses in the world that requires a large amount of capital but on the other hand, it also has a large amount of profit. Over the past few years, the business of building housing societies has become a trend across the country and many fraudsters have taken advantage of this trend to create illegal societies.

As you know, Rawalpindi is the fourth largest city in Pakistan and is also a hub for business and investors. There are hundreds of housing societies in Rawalpindi but very few of them are approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). Some societies are under process and some have been declared illegal by the RDA.

Here a question comes to our mind that should the housing society be approved? So yes every housing society must have approval or NOC from the city authority because people prefer approved housing societies to build houses and investors also feel safe investing in approved schemes.

RDA Approved Societies

RDA Approved Societies

Rawalpindi has a large number of housing societies and most of them do not have NOC from RDA. Some societies are in the process of getting approval and most of them are declared illegal on RDA websites. A rough estimate is that around 300 housing societies are illegal and only 69 are legal under the RDA.

In 2021, the RDA cracked down on illegal housing societies, demolishing their offices and main gates and sealing some. Recently Director General RDA again sent notices to 12 illegal houses. So following is the list of RDA approved societies in Rawalpindi.

RDA Approved Societies list 2023

Sr#Society NameLocation / Mouza
1Top city IBajnial
2Clifton TownKalri 
3Safari Villas IIKotha Kalan
4Safari Villas IKotha Kalan
5Mumtaz CityPind Nasrala
6Faisal Town Chahan, Barkat, Noghazi
7Garden VillasDhagal ( Merged with DHA )
8Shalimar Town Nasrala & Chahan
9Bahria ParadiseKotha Kalan
10Snober City Kalri, Kalyal 
11Kehkashan Town Shahpur
12Taj ResidenciaKaak
13Capital smart city Mandwal and Chahan 
14Multi GardensTaxila
15Khudadad City Nasrala
16Gandhara City Pind Nasrala
17Fazaia housing schemeGangal 
18University Town Pvt LtdBajnial
19Tarnol housing schemeNasrallah and Chahan
20Up-country enclosure Kot Kolian, Rupa, Jataal
21Airport green gardensBajnial
22Elite Reverie housing scheme Phamra and bajnial
23CBR Cooperative societyKot Kolian 
24Kohsar view housing project Lakhu
25Bahria Town Phase VIII (partially)Shahpur
26Bahria Town Phase I, II & III (partially)Kotha Kalan
27Taj residencia ( extension)Sheikpur
28Docter’s Cooperative Housing Society Lohi Bher
29Abad Cooperative Housing Society Kaliyal 
30Municipal Cooperation Co-operative Housing Scheme (Sector A&B)Bagga Sheikhan ( merged with DHA)
31Pakistan employees cooperative housing society Mohri Khatran and Gurbal 
32Work, no words cooperative housing society ( Gulshan  e Fatima )Rupa
33Shifa Cooperative Housing schemeGangal 
34Rawalpindi Railway employees cooperative housing society Lohi Bher
35PARC Cooperative Housing SchemeBagga Sheikhan
36Golden Jubilee Cooperative housing society Kotha Kalan
37Rabia bungalows Memon construction company Pvt LtdKotha Kalan
38Boston avenue housing projectKotha Kalan
39Foreign Office Employees Cooperative Housing Society Lakhu, Nasrala, Rupa
40Judicial Employees Cooperative Housing SocietyGangal 
41Pakistan Atomic Energy Employees Cooperative Housing Society Abban Chak
42Revenue employees cooperative housing society Morgah (merged with DHA)
43PIA Officers co-operative housing society Adyala
44T&T employees cooperative housing society Dhagal
45Federation of railway employees and other cooperate housing societiesChaklala
46Army welfare housing scheme (defense 1)Morgah (emerged as DHA)
47Eastridge housing scheme (cornerstone Pvt Ltd)Kotha Kalan
48Commoner Sky gardens housing scheme, MurreeKathaar, mengal 
RDA Approved Societies List

These are the societies that have legal status on the RDA website and some of these societies are also made for cooperatives and some for government employees.

Importance of Approved Housing Societies

Getting approval from the city development authority is a basic and necessary process for any housing scheme. The reason for approval for the society is to ensure proper utilization of the allotted spaces and plots, graveyards, hospitals, grounds, parks, schools, and all other civic amenities are provided so that the residents of the society do not face hardships.

If a society is not approved by the city authority, the authority may declare it illegal at any time, which may prevent the society from carrying out marketing and other business activities, whereas if the society succeeds in obtaining approval, It is considered legal. This point is in favor of housing societies, now coming to the investor and buyer side.

As far as the investor is concerned, the objective of the investor is to earn profit by investing money, on the other hand, the buyer also prefers to get a good and hassle-free place to build their dream house.

If a society is approved by the city authority, then investors easily invest money in it, similarly, the buyer feels secure while building a house in an approved society.

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  1. Shaheryar Ali says:

    Is Safari valley usman block (Bharia town phase 8) approved by RDA plz confirm me on my what’s app 03219964961 it is humble request

  2. Is BWC is approved society ???

    1. Blue World City claims that they have NOC from RDA but as per RDA it is still unapproved.

  3. Ahmad zeb says:

    Mehmood town approved by 2023

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