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Workchest is Pakistan’s first and largest freelance marketplace that connects Pakistani freelancers with employers around the world to sell their services and make money online. As you may know, Pakistan ranks fourth in the world in terms of freelancing and it is estimated that more than one million freelancers from major cities of Pakistan are working from home.

Before the workchest, people were working on Fiverr, and Upwork, which caused them a lot of problems, including time differences and payment issues, etc. Because of these issues and having a large number of freelancers, Hisham Sarwar took the initiative to launch Pakistan’s first freelance marketplace and start workchest.

Workchest is an opportunity for the 1 million people who are working from home to earn money in Pakistan. This article is about the story behind workchest, so don’t skip I hope this article will be helpful to you.


Workchest is a freelance marketplace that allows businesses to post their project and get bids from talented and verified freelancers from Pakistan. The purpose of creating a workchest is to provide opportunities to Pakistani freelancers and bring Pakistani talent to the world.

There are many similarities between Workchest and Fiverr as both sites offer traditional and non-traditional freelancing at the same time. Simply put, employers can post a project on the marketplace and eligible freelancers can bid on their project. In addition, buyers can also place orders on seller packages that he/she posted on their profile.

The freelancer package on the workchest is similar to the Fiverr gig where the buyer can place an order. The good thing is that employers cannot hire freelancers directly, the employer must be contacted before placing an order and this will reduce conflicts.

The workchest has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time and people are signing up and posting their projects on it. According to stats, there are more than one hundred thousand Pakistani registered freelancers on it.

If we talk about the posted project by the employer, so far more than three thousand project works have been posted on the workchest. The main categories you can start with on the workstation are Web Development, Logos and Branding, WordPress, Search Engine Optimization, E-Commerce, Art & illustration, Article Writing, and Social Media Marketing.

Workchest Founder

Hisham Sarwar, the Guru of freelancing in Pakistan, is a man who had the idea of a workchest. He is an iconic freelancer for the last 20 years. Some time ago, he made 1 million dollars a year through freelancing. He is the CEO of his software house Infomist and also the Founder of the famous blog Beingguru. His software house Infomist is one of the top 10 service providers at

He said: “I thought about this marketplace idea a few years ago and just couldn’t fully focus on it until June 2014 and since then I have spent countless hours running this website. My dream is to take this website to the next level, integrate the bidding system, and create a social networking site like Facebook and I want to make it clear that this is not an over statement. The following are members of the workchest team who played a key role in this initiative.

Fahad Mobeen is a software engineer and head of technology, who has worked hard with his team to develop and fix the code. “The amount of time my team and I have spent creating this product is an investment in a goal,” he said. The purpose of Pakistani freelancers is to showcase their talents to the world and get services for them.

Mudassar Hassan, an art director, and style guru, threw several mockups in the trash before approaching the scene and feel of the current website and allowing it to go live. He said that “This is the right time to get something for Pakistan only with the choice of an international marketplace like Guru, Elance, and others. If Russia has social networking website, and China has a search engine then Why we don’t have our own freelance marketplace?

Hamid Kayani is the man behind the gun with his team. He is very optimistic about the results of the website. He said that equality of love and hate is very important for the success of the portal. If Pakistanis understand the real purpose of developing and drafting this portal, then the sky is the limit.

Mudassar Saeed is a web developer who has worked day and night to develop this website. Easy to operate, an icy man with a cool demeanor. “The extreme challenges a freelancer faces these days when they bid for a project and can’t win it for any reason, are very frustrating,” he said. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic-driven world of Earl. “

Vision Behind Workchest

Hisham Sarwar, CEO of Workchest, taught millions of people freelancing and gave tips and tricks to make money online through his YouTube channel and Digiskills but there is no place for these freelancers to work. So workchest is for freelancers who want to make money from home.

The vision behind the workchest is to help Pakistani freelancers whether they are web developers, content writers, graphic designers, etc. As CEO of WorkChast, Hisham Sarwar said he wants to compete with Fiverr and Upwork and make Workchest the world’s No. 1 freelance market.

The workchest will benefit not only the national economy but also the organizations and freelancers who are working with it.

How it works

Freelancers will have to create their accounts on workchest and complete their profiles according to their skills. Workchest allows freelancers to post packages and receive orders from employers worldwide. Also, freelancers can also bid on the posted project by the employer.

Workchest supports excellence and quality rather than focusing on quantity. There is a test that every freelancer has to clear in order to bid on the project. If a freelancer has not cleared the test then he/she cannot bid on the project but he/she can publish their packages.

Employers and buyers will deal in US dollars. There is also an escrow system to ensure the financial security of clients and freelancers.

Why Workchest is Better?

Here are some of the things that make the workchest unique and better than other freelance marketplaces.

Get Rid of Negative Feedback

Workchest has its own community in which you can participate and help other people and in return you get points. The more points system you get, the more you show that you are a good member of the community and helping other people.

In other freelance markets, negative feedback affects your profile and ranking, whereas, in a workchest, negative feedback does not affect your ranking and profile. Your ranking is based on how many packages you have, the quality of tests you cleared in the beginning, the number of bids you make on the project, and the points earned by the community.

This rating system protects your profile and years of hard work and no one has the right to take away your years of hard work with single negative feedback.

Buyers with a good reputation

Buyers aren’t spamming on workchest because they have a reputation for being a quality support team. Many Pakistani and other countries employers are now moving to workchest because of the low fees and other benefits it offers.

Buyers have high expectations from this platform, as they take workstations seriously in order to get good services. That is why the buyer has a good reputation and less controversy.

Lowest Portal Fee

Workstation is superior to other freelance marketplaces in many ways, while portal fees are also lower than other marketplaces. Workchest is a marketplace that deducts the lowest portal fee of 7%. This means that if you complete an order of $100, $93 will be added to your account.

Fiverr, one of the largest freelance marketplaces deducts 20% from each order. In addition, the minimum withdrawal on the workchest is $25. So you can transfer money to your bank when your account balance reaches $25.


If you are from Pakistan and want to earn money online as a freelancer so don’t lose this opportunity, it’s for you, this marketplace is for you. If you are already a freelancer and also signed up on workchest so please comment below and tell us about your journey on workchest as a freelancer.

Invite your colleague freelancers to join the workchest and make money from it. I hope this article will be helpful to you and be sure to share this article with your friends.

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