Deadly fires killed 65 people in Algeria

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In the last few days, a huge area of forests has been destroyed by fire and many people lost their lives. Recently. Turkey’s forest fire killed 8 lives and destroyed 1600 square kilometers of area. Even after so much damage, the fire could not be brought under control, and eventually, the rain stopped the fire. And now the fire has turned on Algeria.

Forest fires have been raging in northern Algeria since Monday night. On Tuesday Fire killed 65 people including 28 are soldiers who deployed to help put out the blaze. Kabylie residents said the soldiers were killed in different areas, some were trying to extinguish the flames and some were recovering from the blaze.

More soldiers were seriously injured in the blaze, the defense ministry said. According to Algeria’s private Channel Ennahar, twelve soldiers are in critical condition due to fire. Fires are common in northern Algeria, but the fires flare up on August 9 is the biggest in recent memory.

The Algerian prime minister said initial reports from the security services showed that the fire in kabylie was highly coordinated. “Someone believes these are criminal acts” he added. Kamel Beldjoud, Algerian interior minister, accused arsonists of igniting the flames, without providing more details on the allegations. Kamel Beldjoud also said, ” Thirty fires at the same time in the same region can’t be by chance “.

An extreme heatwave of 48 degrees was recorded in the fire areas on Tuesday, and almost 1000 civil defense workers are fighting the fire. Climate scientists say the burning of coal, oil, and natural gas is expected to cause climate change, which could lead to natural disasters such as heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, floods, and storms.

The European union’s atmosphere monitor says the Mediterranean has become a hotbed of wildfires as heatwaves have led to large-scale forest fires in Turkey and Greece. The mountainous region, 100 kilometers east of the Algerian capital, Algiers, is surrounded by barely accessible villages. Water is also limited due to rising temperatures. Due to the lack of water jets in the region, locals are trying to put out the fire themselves using buckets, branches, and basic tools.

” The scene of Monday Night looks like the end of the world,” said old women of kabylie mountain village.  Fatima Aoudia said,” The entire hill was transformed into a giant blaze “. Aoudia compared the scene to the bombing by French troops during the War of Independence which ended in 1962. #Algeriaisburning and #Algeria_forest_fires are now trending on Twitter.

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