13 best Enablers free courses to make money online

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Enablers is a leading platform known for its contribution to Pakistan’s e-commerce industry and provides hundreds of opportunities for Pakistanis to learn skills online. As the world has gone digital since the invention of the internet, learning skills digitally is becoming the norm. People want to learn skills online to earn money and they look for a platform where they can get all the courses that are in demand.

If you are one of those people who want to learn in-demand skills online, keep reading because, in this article, you will be told about 13 of the best enablers free courses that you can learn from the comfort of your home and earn money. There are many courses that enablers are providing for free but below are the top 13 that help you empower yourself. Before we start I want to give you a brief introduction to enablers.


Enablers is one of the best platforms in Pakistan’s e-commerce industry that enables people to empower themselves by starting their own businesses. Their aim is to promote the e-commerce industry in Pakistan and create passive income opportunities for the youth. Enablers courses are very effective and a large number of people want to join them because many enablers students are selling their skills online and earning millions. Enablers CEO and co-founder Saqib Azhar said in a show that Enablers students earned $108 million, which is an achievement in itself. 

Saqib Azhar wants to pay back to society and has launched EVS( Enabling video series) to provide an opportunity to learn skills for those who cannot afford premium courses. He allows youngsters to take these free courses with the aim of learning skills and earning at least $700-1000 by selling their skills. Enablers EVS has received a lot of attention due to the recent launch of EVS version 3 which gives youth free access to learning more than 200 free skills. EVS has about 140 thousand users and 99% of users are getting the free course. Saqib Azhar claimed that out of these 140 thousand users, 12 percent are earning more than $1,000 a month and 8 percent are earning around $700 to $800.

13 best Enablers free courses

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Enablers has an unlimited number of video-based courses and it is difficult for you to know which course is best for you. So I found 13 best enablers free courses that help you make money.

1- UX/UI Design

UX/UI design is basically the design process for creating a product interface and how users will interact with it. UX/UI design is one of the top skills that are in demand and you can make a lot of money selling this service. The good thing is that there is less competition in this field which helps you to build a profitable career easily.

Seeing the increasing demand for UX/UI, enablers have launched this course to give people an opportunity to learn UX/UI design and earn money by selling UX/UI design services online. So definitely enroll in this course as you will learn how to create prototypes, Adobe XD, and product wireframes.

2– Multimedia

Multimedia is essentially the representation of information in an attractive manner with the use of images, audio, video, and text. Multimedia comes with many skills that are in high demand, including video editing, animation, and some graphics and designing skills. 

Enablers give you the opportunity to become a multimedia expert and earn money by selling your services. In this course, you learn about many skills and software that can help you level up. You will learn about Final Cut Pro, Filmora, Blender, Adobe After Effects, Color Grading, 3D Modeling, AutoCAD, etc.

3. E-commerce

E-commerce is one of the best online businesses that you can start and build your empire. According to statistics, the total revenue from e-commerce sales in 2021 was $768 billion, while experts say it could cross $1.3 trillion by 2025. E-commerce is a vast industry and it is not difficult for you to make a good career in it.

Teaching e-commerce is a masterpiece of enablers who educate and enable people to empower themselves. After taking an e-commerce course from Enablers, you will know the secret tips and tricks to get more sales. In this course, you will be introduced to everything about e-commerce including Amazon FBA, Amazon Web Services, Amazon Kindle, PPC for Amazon, eBay selling, Selling on Daraz, etc.  So if you want to start e-commerce then take this course as it will help you grow faster.

4– Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is basically the practice designed to improve the positioning of website pages in search engines. There are millions of active websites available on the cloud and every website needs SEO to get a high ranking. So SEO is also a high-demand skill that you can learn and sell on freelance marketplaces.

If you are running your own website, SEO will have a huge impact on your business. I recommend you to learn SEO from enablers as their experts will help you get effective leads and high rankings for your brands. You will also learn how to create secure digital links from different platforms.

5- Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves promoting businesses and products on the Internet. As you know, the Internet is a tool that everyone uses to get more sales. To get more sales, companies need more reach for which businesses opt for digital marketing. If you are running your own business, especially an internet business like e-commerce or blogging, digital marketing is important for you to get more sales and leads.

Enablers give you the opportunity to learn digital marketing and grow your business. You can also earn money by selling digital marketing services as it is a skill in high demand. If you want to make a good career in the online industry, this course can be a goldmine for you as you will learn about social media marketing, email marketing, YouTube marketing, Facebook ads, etc.

6- Web & App development

This course is designed for those who want to learn web development as well as mobile app development. Web development is the most sought-after skill in the market right now as businesses use websites and mobile apps as a weapon to drive more sales. Enablers give you the opportunity to lead the market with web and app development and earn as much as you want.

In this course, you will learn about WordPress, Wix, PHP, Python, and other coding languages to develop websites. You will also learn about iOS and Android game development which will enhance your potential as a developer.

7- Content writing

Content writing is creating written content that can be an article, a video script, an e-book, product category descriptions, product reviews, etc. This is one of the top in-demand services and you can earn good money by selling it. Most content writing jobs come down to writing blog posts and product reviews.

You just need to have a good grasp of English and take this content writing course by enablers. This course will teach you about copywriting, storytelling, Amazon content writing, and how you can become a blogger by learning content writing.

8- Accounting

Accounting is an important part of every business to record and maintain business transactions and data. To meet this need, businesses hire accountants or account assistants who manage their business accounts. There is a huge demand for accounting in the market due to which this course is organized by the enablers.

In this course, you will learn accounting concepts and the best and most advanced accounting software QuickBooks and Xero. You have the opportunity to become a specialist accountant and earn money by providing accounting services.

9- Graphic Designing

Graphic designing is one of the most creative and in-demand skills. Basically, it is mainly visual designing like logos, flyers, and brochures for businesses. Businesses need this type of content for marketing purposes and that’s why they hire a graphic designer. Many people are doing graphic design and they are earning good money.  

Keeping in view the increasing demand for graphic designing, enablers introduced this course for the youth to learn graphic design and earn money by selling their services. In this course, you will learn about the concept of graphic designing and the top software that we used in graphic designing including Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, etc.

10- Personal & Professional skills

Every human being has strengths and weaknesses that make him a personality and that personality makes him successful or a failure. On the other hand, professional skills also play a key role in making your life. Therefore, personal and professional skill-building is essential for your personality to be successful.

In this course, you will learn about interpersonal skills, presentation skills, time management, stress management, anger management, etc. So if you are in your prime then definitely enroll in this course.

11- Freelancing

Freelancing has been a growing industry for the past few years and people are taking it seriously. As unemployment rises, people are looking for other ways to make money, with freelancing leading the way. There is a lot of scope in freelancing and experts are saying that freelancing is the future of the work industry

Enablers provide opportunities for youth to learn to freelance and empower themselves by earning money. In this course, you will learn about virtual assistants and how you can become a freelancer and a listing promoter.

12- CyberSecurity

Cybersecurity protects computer systems and networks from attacks by malicious elements that could result in unauthorized information disclosure, theft, or damage to hardware, software, or data, as well as the services they provide. Cybersecurity is in high demand and is expected to grow by 18% over the next five years.

This course is designed for Pakistanis to learn cybersecurity and earn money by selling cybersecurity services. In this course, you will learn about Cyber Security, Network Security, Anti-Money Laundering, Ethical Hacking Artificial Intelligence, etc.

13- Photography

Photography is an important part of every event with the aim of capturing memorable moments on camera. The demand for photography is increasing day by day which is an opportunity for you to earn money as a professional photographer. All you have to do is enroll in this photography course designed by enablers.

In this course, you will learn about Adobe Lightroom and DXO photolab which will help you become a photographer. You can sell your services like photo editing as well as your products including your licensed photos on the freelance marketplace.

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