6 Perfect freelance websites in Pakistan for beginners

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Freelancing is the talk of the town due to rising unemployment in Pakistan and worldwide. People are shifting their income from traditional jobs to selling services or products online and after the global pandemic in 2020, it has seen a manifold increase. As a result of this transition, many jobs will be created for freelancers, and seeing this, many young people are starting their careers with freelancing.

Pakistani people are very talented and have the courage to work internationally but due to a lack of awareness, they are not able to do it. According to statistics, there are more than 1 million freelancers in Pakistan and this number is increasing every year but beginners don’t know which freelance website is best.

Finding the best freelance website in Pakistan is not that easy as hundreds of freelance websites are available on the cloud. If you are having trouble finding a freelance website in Pakistan then this article can be a complete guide for you.

6 Perfect Freelance websites in Pakistan

As I mentioned above, the growth of freelancing is increasing and new freelancers are struggling to find the best freelancing website in Pakistan where they can join and earn money fast without delay. There are many perfect freelance websites in Pakistan but not every website is suitable for every freelancer as some sites demand quality freelancers and have some strict rules to join. The following are the perfect freelance websites in Pakistan for beginners to build a profitable career in freelancing.

So if you are a student, housewife, or a job person you can join these freelance websites in Pakistan and start making money from the comfort of your home.

1- People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a UK-based company that connects businesses with freelance workers. It was founded in 2007 and is now the leading freelance website in London, UK. In 2012, People per Hour was named “Wired UK” as one of Europe’s 100 hottest startups of 2012 by Science and Technology magazine.

There are 3 million freelancers on People Per Hour who specialize in 8766 categories. People Per Hour paid 150 million dollars to freelancers and they claim that the top freelancers on People Per Hour earn 7000 dollars a month which is not a tiny thing. If you earn 100-200 dollars per month as a new freelancer, it is quite good because it takes some time for new freelancers to start earning.

Earning 100-200 dollars a month in Pakistan from People per Hour is possible because People Per Hour is not a famous freelance website in Pakistan like Fiver. Having less competition helps you earn a lot of money if you provide good services. People Per Hour provide 15 free proposals/bids to freelancers and after that, you have to purchase more.

If you join People Per Hour as a new freelancer, you can find all kinds of jobs on it like graphic designing, content writing, web development, SEO, etc. If you get a job and completed successfully People Per Hour will deduct 20% from your sale because they provide you with a platform where businesses can access you. So People Per Hour is a great opportunity for new freelancers because of low competition on it.  

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2- Guru.com

Guru.com is a well-reputed freelance website in Pakistan. It was founded 24 years ago in 1998 and its initial name was eMoonlighter.com. Guru.com has 800,000 employers who hire freelancers for their business from all over the world. If we look at the number of freelancers on Guru.com, about 1.5 million freelancers are selling their services on it and they earned a total of $250 million so far. Among these 1.5 million, 1 name belongs to Hisham Sarwar who was a seasoned freelancer and represented Pakistan as a top freelancer on the front page of guru.com for 3 years. 

On guru.com employers post the project with complete details and budget and freelancers post their profiles on the project with their skills and services. Employers can invite specific freelancers to submit quotes and freelancers who are interested can submit bids on projects. Employers review freelancers’ profiles, portfolios, and feedback reviews, along with income statistics, and select freelancers for the project.

If you are a new freelancer and want to join a freelance website that empowers you then this website could be a game changer for you if you provide good services. You can find all types of jobs on it whether it is writing, coding, accounts, finance, etc.

3- Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is a well-known freelance website in Pakistan and across the world that acts as a bridge between businesses and freelancers.Freelancer.com is like the boss of all freelance websites with over 50 million freelancers and nearly 12 million employers. It is an Australian company founded in 2009 and headquartered in Sydney.

Freelancer.com is a traditional freelance marketplace where employers post their projects with full details and freelancers bid on them. If you are willing to join the biggest freelancing website then you must have proposal/bid writing skills because freelancer.com gives you a very limited number of free bids which is 6, so you have to use these bids very carefully.

After using these bids for free, you must have to purchase more bids if you want more and more work. Like other freelance websites in Pakistan, freelancer.com also charges a project fee/commission on every project you get. For a fixed-price project, freelancer.com charges you 10% and if you are an employer you also have to pay 3% of the project fee.

Try freelancer.com and sell your services online as they have more than 1800 categories for services and it allows you to earn good money from the comfort of your home.

Freelancing in Pakistan

4- Upwork

Upwork is a popular American freelance website that seeks professionals and the best freelancers from around the world who can provide high-quality work. It is headquartered in San Francisco, France, and was founded in 2013. Upwork is a combination of two freelance websites and its old name was Elance-oDesk. In 2015, the company was re-branded as Upwork.

Upwork has strict rules for joining as they want quality freelancers who can provide premium-level work but if you have a good grip on your skills, especially communication skills, then you can easily join Upwork as a freelancer. If you pass Upwork’s interviews and they allow you to create a seller account on it, Upwork will give you some free bids that you can use to write proposals on your employer’s project. After using these bids, you have the option to buy more bids

Upwork wants you to provide high-quality work to employers and earn as much as you want. According to statistics, about 2 million jobs are posted on Upwork every year. So if you are a content writer, web developer, or graphic designer then you can earn very good money from here. Upwork also deducts some percentage from your earnings as commission which you can read completely by clicking on the link.

5- Fiverr

Fiver is one of the most popular freelance websites in Pakistan and across the world that connects employers to freelancers. The majority of new freelancers prefer Fiverr because it is a user-friendly platform. Fiverr was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. As of 2021, Fiver has 787 employees and is one of the largest freelance websites in Pakistan and worldwide.

Fiverr is a great platform for new freelancers to learn and gain experience in the early stage of their careers as Fiverr is completely free to join and allows you to sell your services online. If you get a project, Fiverr will deduct 20% of your earnings as a commission or platform fee.

The downside of Fiverr is that it has a lot of competition because of the large number of freelancers on it. It doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money from Fiverr, many people from Pakistan and all over the world are making good money from it. Aaliyaan Chaudhary is a top freelancer who got name and fame from Fiverr by tripling his income in a very short time. Click on the image below to know how Alian Chaudhary became a millionaire on Fiverr.

Aaliyaan Chaudry

6- Workchest

Workchest is Pakistan’s first and largest freelance website that allows employers to hire talented freelancers from Pakistan. This is a Pakistani freelance website created by Hisham Sarwar who was a top-rated freelancer on guru.com as I mentioned above.

Hisham Sarwar had a dream to create a freelance marketplace where Pakistani freelancers can easily earn money by selling their services online. On other freelance marketplaces like Fiverr, negative feedback affects your profile and ranking, whereas, in Workchest, negative feedback does not affect your ranking and profile. Your ranking is based on how many packages you have, the quality of the tests you initially cleared, the number of bids you made on the project, and the community points earned.

Work Chest is a newly created freelance website in Pakistan and it has very less competition. With less competition, there may be fewer employers and jobs available but as a new freelancer, you can give it a try. Work Chest takes a 7% commission from your earnings which is very low compared to other freelance websites in Pakistan. Learn more about WorkChest by clicking on the image below.


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