Happy New Year 2021

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The new year 2021 has begun and today is the first day of the year. Like every year, 2020 has come to an end and perhaps many people have thanked it because 2020 proved to be the most difficult year of this century. In 2020, not only did Corona wreak havoc, but some other incidents caused a lot of damage.

2020 began with the Australian Bush Fire, which killed nearly 3 billion animals and burned 46,050,750 acres. However, the fire started in June 2019, at which time the coronavirus appeared in the form of a giant monster and engulfed the whole world. Almost, there are 83.4 Million registered cases of Coronavirus and 1.84 Million Deaths worldwide by 2020.

Another tragic incident occurred when Pakistan International Airlines Flight 8303 crashed in a residential area in Karachi, killing 97 people. If we look at the year 2020, there will be many of you who have lost loved ones, but thankfully you have survived this global epidemic.

Finally, 2021 has begun and life is returning to normal. We need to plan our lives to make 2021 the best year ever. Many people set some goals to change their life in the new year but many people fail to achieve them. This article will help you to make resolution for new year so must read.

Set Ultimate Goal of Your Life

First of all, you need to decide what is the purpose of your life and what you want to be in life and also decide what you have to do to achieve that purpose. After doing all this you will be able to plan better for the new year and by the command of Allah you will be successful.

People plan for the new year but can’t decide about the ultimate goal of life so they can’t succeed. If you want to succeed then must decide your ultimate goal of life.


Set milestones for how you accomplished your annual goals. This will let you know how much progress you have made.


Seriousness is the key to succus. Many people become lazy after planning, which makes them unsuccessful. Your success depends on how serious you are about your goals.

Will Power

If you have a will power you don’t to boost your energy, even you don’t need any motivational content to stay motivated. When you visualize yourself as a successful person you got motivated. So stay motivated and increase will power.


Everyone who adopts discipline is destined for success. Discipline plays a very important role to achieve the goals of your life. A very famous quote about Discipline by Jim Rohn.

Discipline is the bridge between Goal and Accomplishment.

Jim Rohn

Now it’s your turn, plan your 2021 with hope. I wish this year provides you with enough reasons to be happy. Happy New Year 2021.

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