Whatsapp New Privacy Policy

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You may know that Whatsapp is the child company of Facebook and it is the world’s largest messaging app, known for providing the best services to its users. Recently, Whatsapp updated its privacy policy, which caused a stir around the world. The update states that WhatsApp can share users’ data with Facebook, which is why people are being criticized.

When Facebook acquired WhatsApp, it was assured that Whatsapp would not share users’ data, but the update made it clear that Whatsapp would share users’ data with Facebook. After that many people are leaving WhatsApp and switched to alternative apps like telegram, etc.

This privacy policy is described in detail and a large document is sent to users in the form of a pop-up. Many people agreed without reading the document because it was too lengthy.

Many people are also saying that this document has been made for so long that people will accept it without reading it. Some people have not yet received this update but will receive it soon. Let’s take a look at the key points of the WhatsApp privacy policy.

Whatsapp Privacy Policy

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is long overdue, but we’ll talk about some key points. Click above if anyone wants to know in detail.

Basic Information: Basic information includes Your Phone Number, Profile picture, and Your Name(choice).

Contact Detail: Your contact details are also collected according to the new privacy policy. 

Account Details: Account details include a Phone number, Profile pics conversation detail, group details, etc.

Status Update: Many people upload status on WhatsApp, This may include family photos, videos, or anything else. Whatsapp Will collect status updates from the user.

Group Details: According to the new WhatsApp privacy policy, Whatsapp will collect Group details from the user. 

Usage: Whatsapp will collect information about your usage like the Purpose you use WhatsApp for and how much time you spend on WhatsApp.

Payments and Transactions Detail: Your Payments and Transactions Detail will be collected by WhatsApp. Although it is not available in Pakistan yet, if this comes to Pakistan in the future, it will also be collected. 

Location: If you use your location using WhatsApp so it is understood that WhatsApp will collect detail about Your location. But if you are not using Location WhatsApp can access your location through IP Address. 

Phone Model & Operating System: Whatsapp will collect information about your phone model and the operating system you are using on your phone.

Battery Status & Signal Details: battery and Signal details are also collected by WhatsApp.

Time & IP Address: Whatsapp will collect details about your Time and IP address. As mentioned above, Whatsapp can access your location through your IP address even then you are not using the location. 

WhatsApp will not only use your data but also share it with the parent company Facebook. WhatsApp can also use the data of the person who is connected to your router, whether he has a Facebook account or not. If you are under 16, you will not be able to use Whatsapp. If you use or share infringing material, WhatsApp may ban you without notice. In the future, ads may appear on WhatsApp, which is not so good.

These are just some of the highlights of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy. If you live in a European country, WhatsApp’s new privacy policy will not apply to you, which is beyond comprehension. The new privacy policy has been criticized by many around the world. As I said above, many people are turning to WhatsApp alternatives like telegram, signal, etc.

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