How Ismail Blogger changed his life through the Internet – Success Story

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You may have seen many people in life who faced difficulties as soon as they regained consciousness but over time they achieve everything they wanted. Ismail is one of those people who changed his life through the internet and gave his family a good lifestyle.

Ismail Blogger saw many difficulties from his childhood but now he is a self-empowered man who is living a good life. He earns the name ” Ismail Blogger ” through his successful blogging. In this article, I will tell you about the journey of Ismail Blogger and his success story. His journey is full of failure and a big source of motivation for you if you want to achieve success in your life.

Ismail Blogger(Introduction)

Muhammad Ismail is a Successful freelancer who is famous for his blogging. He is from Swabi, KPK. Ismail completed his intermediate with average marks and get admission to the Institute of Management Sciences Peshawar.

Ismail rejected many job offers because he wanted to set up their online business and helping other newbies in this field. Ismail has made many courses about blogging affiliate marketing etc.

Ismail was covered by many bloggers and was invited by the Government of the USA for meetups with entrepreneurs, founders, and startups. Ismail gave interviews in many programs including Radio Pakistan, Voice of America Mashriq TV, etc.

Ismail is a person who plays a leading role as a Training coordinator in the KP Youth employment program by World Bank & KPIT Board. Connect Pakistan named him The real “Toorzan” of KPK.


The journey started when Ismail’s father died and he was in 6 class. Ismail’s mother borrowed money from people and spent it on Ismail’s education. After that, the conditions at home deteriorated and it became difficult to get even two meals a day.

Ismail started selling notes and books as well as studying to support his family at home. After selling notes, Ismail became enthusiastic and start selling mobile phones and accessories at a small age. He became a Master in his Mobile business and people call him a Guru.

Struggling with financial problems, Ismail received a message ” if you want to earn money online then send your email address ” This message changed Ismail’s life and he follow the message and start working on PTC (Paid Per Click).

After 7 months, he got to know he is not working on the right site. He invested again in another niche HYIP (High yield investment programs) and succeed. He generated more than $3000 in just 45 days but after some time, he came to know the earning through this method is not Halal in Islam and the chances of loss are much higher than a profit.

After this, Ismail did other things to earn money. He starts selling crack version software and has not succeeded. he also started a blog name and again failed.

After so many disappointments, his friends motivate him to start blogging with his own identity. Finally, he starts working on his blog Techvela. Techvela is like an educational blog that guides you about how you can earn money online and how you can avoid scams and false schemes.


Ismail is a Freelancer, Blogger, motivational speaker, and also successful man. Following are the things that Ismail achieve in his career.

  • Ismail Blogger Listed in Pakistan top 12 Blogger in 2013 and top 10 in 2014. In 2016, he got 9th position in Blogging.
  • Ismail received the Award of best idea presenter in a competition with 60 other people held in KPK by Peshawar 2.0 in 2014.
  • Ismail sold his many blogs which including his first blog Techvela and earned good money through this.
  • Ismail was selected as incubate at Entrepreneurship development center in 2013.
  • Ismail was featured by Tribune and Techjuice.
  • Ismail has a team of bloggers and writers who are working on his blogs Diaryinc and Bloggingdesk.
  • Ismail Also has a YouTube Channel Ismail Blogger with more than 62K Subscribers.


When Ismail lived in his village he dreamed of giving his family a nice home in a good city and providing them with a luxurious lifestyle. Now Ismail achieved all of the things that he dreams.

If Ismail can do so what is your excuse? Don’t make excuses, make money, and changed your life.

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