How Nadir Ali Became The Most Popular Prankster of Pakistan

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If you watch funny videos on the internet, you might hear the name Nadir Ali or P 4 Pakao. Nadir Ali is the first person in Pakistan who starts making pranks and make people laugh.

In this article, I will tell you how Nadir Ali became the most popular prankster in Pakistan and the journey from A bike to a Fortuner. So let’s start with an introduction.

Nadir Ali (Introduction)

Nadir Ali is a comedian, Youtuber, and a famous prankster in Pakistan. He is born on September 2, 1991, in Lahore and settled now in Karachi. His father is a businessman.

Nadir Ali is known for his pranks on his YouTube Channel P 4 Pakao which is very famous in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Many pranksters copied Nadir Ali and earned a lot of money and fame.

Nadir started making videos on YouTube in 2016, at that time nadir’s team consisted of Rizwan, Ahmed, and Asim Sanata. He also did some pranks with celebrities like Irfan Motiwala, Falak Shabbir, Saleem Afridi, Saher Lodhi, Amir Liaquat, and Asad Shafiq, etc.


Before making videos on youtube, Nadir Ali played the role of a prankster in the TV show Zara hut ke which was aired on Metro TV. Nadir entertained people in the same way from 2010 to 2016. Following are the old videos of Nadir Ali which were aired on Metro TV.

On the cold night of December 2014, Nadir was coming home after the prank shoot when his motorbike ran out of petrol on the way. That day, The director forgets to pay money to nadir.

Nadir Wanted to call his brother but unfortunately, there was not enough credit on his phone. it was the first time in his life that he was scared because he doubted themselves whether the job was worth it or not.

” It was the scariest day of my career because my mother was crying when I got home after a two-hour walk with my bike ” Nadir Said. My mother also told me to quit this job, he added.

Nadir’s friend gave him an idea to come on the digital platforms and entertain people with your brand. in 2015, he decided to launch his youtube channel and he uploaded his first video on 8 May 2016 on his youtube channel P 4 Pakao.

First video of Nadir Ali on P 4 Pakao

Receiving first income from youtube is even more encouraging, it excites you to work more with hard work. People take a lot of time to get their first income but Nadir Received its first income after two months of uploading the first video.

In his videos, nadir disguises himself as a barber, driver, waiter, etc, and teases people, and makes viewers laugh. Nadir has been beaten many times during the shooting because nadir makes videos based on reality, so sometimes people get upset and get into fights.

In December 2020, he uploaded his picture with the car and share the story of struggling days, and said: ” Another December has come and now I am standing with the car and I have achieved success after continuous hard work “.

Nadir Ali

Nadir Ali changed his life after a lot of dedication and hard work. Now he become a Celebrity. He earns good money and provides his family with a good lifestyle.


  • The biggest achievement of Nadir Ali is, He is a self-empowered man.
  • His Youtube Channel P 4 Pakao won PISA Award 2020 in Duabi.
  • Nadir Ali launched his official Youtube Channel Nadir Ali, which gained 100K Subscriber Within the first six days.
  • P 4 Pakao is the first Youtube Channel in Pakistan that got 1 Billion Views.
  • His Channel P 4 Pakao Award with Silver and Gold Play Buttons by YouTube.
  • There is a huge fan following of Nadir Ali including Johny Lever, A legend comedian of Bollywood.
  • He also performed on Bol News under the name of Pakh Pakh Pakao which became popular.
  • Nadir Ali is the first prankster of Pakistan who went abroad and had pranks with people who were very much liked.
  • He launches his Production House NAP.
Nadir Ali
  • Nadir has a great fan following in Social Media Handles. There are more than 3.65 Million Subscribers on his YouTube Channel P 4 Pakao and 490K Followers on Facebook.
  • Recently, he uploaded a video about his latest house and cars.


This is how Nadir Ali became the most successful prankster in Pakistan. He starts making videos with an average camera. He doesn’t wait for the perfect equipment.

So just start, don’t go for perfection and quality. A very famous quote by Aryn Kyle about this.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Take a moment and make it perfect.

Aryn Kyle

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