G1 Garlic: The ultimate guide to profit, expense, and cultivation insights

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G1 garlic is basically a new type of garlic that has recently gained popularity and has become the talk of the town. This particular type of garlic is known for its unique size and high yield, making it an important component of agriculture across Pakistan. Additionally, it holds significant value in human health as it is used as a remedy for various ailments and is highly regarded in the medical field.

The high demand for G1 garlic in the market is evident, making it a lucrative opportunity for entrepreneurs, businessmen, farmers, and individuals seeking to earn substantial profits. A large number of farmers want to earn huge profits by cultivating it as it is the most profitable crop in the agriculture sector these days.

Whether you’re a seasoned garlic grower or a newcomer to the market, this comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable information on the price of G1 garlic in Pakistan, total investment requirements, costs involved, and other essential insights. Without any more delays, let’s begin by introducing G1 Garlic.

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What is G1 Garlic?

G1 Garlic is a recently developed garlic variety introduced by the National Agricultural Research Council (NARC) in 2018. The primary objective behind its creation was to enhance garlic production within the country. G1 is much more useful than regular garlic because it has many nutritional and medicinal properties.

It demonstrates not just enhanced production but also boasts significant nutritional value. It is a good source of vitamins A, C, and E which are very beneficial for health. It is also enriched with allicin, a beneficial compound known for its ability to reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure levels.

Additionally, this variety of garlic possesses various medicinal properties such as boosting the immune system, enhancing cardiovascular health, and combating oxidative stress.

There were many other varieties of garlic that were cultivated in Pakistan but this could not meet the demand, which had to be imported from other countries. NARC had been working on it for a long time to increase garlic production in the country and reduce its import.

Import statistics show that Pakistan imports two-thirds of its garlic requirement from Iran, China, India, etc. In 2021, the country imported 61,688 tons of garlic, worth more than $68 million. In 2020, imported garlic was valued at $102 million.

In 2018, NARC introduced a new garlic with the tireless efforts of scientists and named this seed NARC G1 Garlic. Dr. Humayun Khan was instrumental in its introduction and tragically, he succumbed to the coronavirus soon after introducing G-One Garlic.

NARC G1 Garlic price in Pakistan

NARC G1 Garlic is pricier than other garlic varieties available in Pakistan. The average price of fresh wet G1 is 2000, with a minimum price of 1800. Dry G1, on the other hand, has an average price of 9000, with a minimum price of 8000.

You may be wondering about the distinction between fresh wet G1 and dry G1. Well, wet garlic differs slightly from its dry counterpart. Wet garlic is a bit larger and possesses a bulbous base that gradually tapers into a thick, elongated stalk. The color of the bulb can vary, ranging from a pristine white shade to a combination of white and purple tones. Its surface is smooth, featuring subtle striations and striping.

G1 Garlic prices in Pakistan can vary depending on factors such as market demand, supply, quality, and seasonal variations. It is recommended to check with your local markets, farmers, or agricultural associations. There are also some people who are selling G1 at very reasonable prices, so look for these people on Facebook and OLX as it will reduce your investment and help you get more profit.

Above are the G1 garlic price in Pakistan, Now, let’s delve into the insights that can help you successfully cultivate G1 garlic and generate a profitable income.

Valuable insights to cultivate G1 garlic and make money.

It would not be wrong if we say that G1 is a plant that grows money. There are many people who have made millions of rupees and changed their lives by cultivating G1. It is the most profitable business in the agriculture sector these days and people are investing their money in it.

As I mentioned above G1 garlic has many useful properties due to which its demand is increasing day by day. The good thing is that it can be grown all over Pakistan, irrespective of whether the soil is sandy or plain. Sandy soil, in particular, is beneficial for growing G1, as it increases yield.

Additionally, G1 garlic not only has a stronger aroma than regular garlic but is also significantly larger in size. Conventional garlic in Pakistan usually weighs between 30 to 50 grams, while G1 garlic weighs up to 280 grams, hence it is also called elephant garlic.

This type of garlic is suitable for cultivation within the temperature range of 7 to 30 degrees Celsius. Due to the size of G1 garlic, its cultivation period is also one month longer than normal garlic. It starts with sowing in September and ends in May after harvesting.

The main feature of G1 garlic is its yield and that was the purpose of its creation. The yield of normal garlic in Pakistan is 70 to 80 maunds per acre while the yield of G1 garlic is 200 to 250 maunds per acre which attracts farmers to cultivate G1 garlic.

If we talk about the cost involved in growing G1 garlic, the most important initial item that comes up is the seed. To cover an acre of land you need to get 4 million worth of seeds. Additional costs include pesticides, fertilizers, and labor, which can total up to around Rs 10 lakh. Thus, the total investment in the cultivation of G1 garlic becomes Rs.50 lakhs

Let’s discuss the revenue that you will make. Assuming your production is between 200 to 250 maunds (equals to 7460 to 9325 kg) then your total revenue will be between 13.4 million to 16.7 million Rupees. To calculate your net profit, deduct the amount that you invest from that revenue which is around 8.4 million to 11.7 million.

Please keep in mind that the revenue and profit that I mentioned above are based on assumptions. To determine the G1 garlic price in Pakistan and its crop yield in your local area, it is important for you to conduct thorough research. You also need to know the costs associated with factors like land acquisition, pesticides, and fertilizers.

How to increase the production of G1 Garlic?

A successful harvest of G1 garlic is everyone’s wish, which directly affects profitability, but this is only possible if you increase production. Following are some points that will help you to increase the production of G1 garlic.

  • Choose the right land: G1 garlic is capable of growing in almost all major types of soil in Pakistan but it grows efficiently in well-drained soil with full sunlight.
  • Prepare the soil: Before planting, thoroughly loosen the soil to a depth of 12 inches to prepare it for planting, and then add compost or manure.
  • Plant G1 Cloves: Not everyone knows how to plant G1 cloves, you should plant g1 cloves 6 inches apart and 2 inches deep which will help increase crop yield.
  • Water the crop: Water acts as oxygen for the crop. A g1 garlic crop needs about 1 inch of water per week.
  • Fertilize the crop: Crop fertilization is an important part of crop preparation So fertilize the crop as needed.
  • Weed and mulch garlic patches: Maintain garlic patches by weeding to prevent competition for water and nutrients, and mulching with straw or other organic material to retain moisture and suppress weeds.


G1 garlic has emerged as a highly sought-after crop in Pakistan, offering a promising opportunity for farmers and traders to earn substantial profits. With its beneficial properties and significant market demand, the cultivation of G1 garlic has become an attractive venture. The introduction of G1 garlic by the National Agricultural Research Council (NARC) will not only increase local production but also reduce the need for expensive imports.

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