WhatsApp new feature of speed control for audio message in testing

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WhatsApp, the world’s largest messaging app, is testing a new feature. By the way, this feature already exists but WhatsApp is now going to make it even better. WhatsApp is testing to remove speed control features from audio messaging.

Meta’s Child Company WhatsApp introduced voice messaging in 2013 which made WhatsApp more popular and some time ago WhatsApp also added a speed control feature.

What is Meta?

You can change the speed of Voice messages from 1x to 1.5x or 2x. But now WhatsApp is working on removing the speed control feature from audio messages, Not from Voice Message.

If you are confused between audio messages and voice messages then here I clear your confusion. A voice message is a voice recording that you send to someone and if someone shares your voice message or you share someone’s voice message with another then it becomes an Audio message.

The speed control feature will remain on voice messaging while the feature will be removed from the Audio messaging.

So after a future update, if you receive a voice message, you can change the speed of the voice message as before, but if you receive an audio message, or you want to share someone’s voice message it loses its speed control feature. You just have to listen to the message as it is recorded.

WhatsApp may make this feature available to its users earlier this year. WhatsApp is also working on a voice message transcription feature for Apple users.

This feature will not be available for Android users because this feature is useful only if the device supports Speech Recognition technology and this technology has not been introduced in Android yet.

WhatsApp has introduced two new features in neighboring India. Both Flash Call and Message Level Reporting features are related to security.

The Flash Call feature allows users to verify their phone number via an automatic call, as was previously verification done through a message at the time of creating an account but now it will be done through Flash Call.

Message Level Reporting is also an advanced update that allows users to report specific messages, whereas before that users could only report the entire chat or the user.

So what is your opinion about these features, must share with us in the comment section below.

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