Why freelancing is Better than a Job?

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Over time, jobs are declining due to artificial intelligence and it is being used as an alternative to jobs. After the rising unemployment, people are turning to freelance or self-employment

Freelancing is becoming a source of income for those people who don’t have a job. A freelancer is a person who works for themselves and earns money. The weapon that a freelancer uses to make money is the skills that he provides to the companies or people.

People say that working as a freelancer is not safe because of unpredictable earnings. They think if you don’t have your traditional job then you should do freelancing.

According to the Report of 2019 of Self Employment in America, 83% of self-employed people don’t want to work for others, they want to work for themselves.

70% of respondents found that they had a better work-life balance in self-employment. And 55% are earning more money in self-employment than in a traditional job.

Looking at these stats, it is clear that people prefer self-employment rather than a job. A freelancer is a self-employed person. Remember your situation may vary depending on your lifestyle.

In this article, I will tell you the 4 things that prove freelancing is better than your 9 to 5 Job. So let’s start.

1- You are your own Boss

The major benefit of freelancing is you are your boss. You can take projects that excite you, no boss tells you what to do. You are a Director, Manager, and worker of your freelancer career.

You don’t need any permission to take a break or go on vacation, you just sign off and go anywhere you want. Also, you don’t have to follow the office decorum that must be done in 9 to 5 jobs.

2- Freedom

There are no fixed hours to work in freelancing like your traditional job. Freelancing provides you the flexibility to work anytime in any attire you want and earn money. You can set your schedule of work that suits you.

Freelancing frees you from the hassle of traveling daily to the office. You can work from home, cafe or anywhere you are. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection.

In freelancing, you can improve your social life, build good relationships with relatives and make new friends. You can also pursue your passion or move towards your goals. In your free time, you can learn new skills that will help in your growth.

Freelancing does not bind you to work in a specific dress or uniform, you can wear any dress you want, no one will force you to wear a formal dress or anything else.

After a while, if you feel that you are not satisfied with what you are doing, you can change your mind and choose what you want to do.

3-Earn Unlimited

Freelancing is becoming a popular internet business. There are more than 4.66 billion people who are using the internet. You have a chance to earn more money by reaching more people.

In a job, you already know what your monthly income is because it is a fixed amount in the form of a salary, but in freelancing, your income depends on how many projects you did. You can do multiple projects at the same time if you are good at multitasking and earn a lot.

Even if your monthly income is less in freelancing, it is better than a job because you are on the way to empowering yourself. Remember, there is no limit to earning in freelancing, you can earn as much as you want.

The average earning of a freelancer in Pakistan is 35000. Many freelancers are earning 6 or 7 figures of income in Pakistan. Hisham Sarwar is an iconic freelancer who earned 1 Million Dollars in 2016.

If you can provide a high standard of work then you will get work from different companies and people, and the good thing is that you will get the compensation you want.

4- Turn your services into a Business

Because of flexible life in freelancing, you have a lot of time and a lot of chances to increase your growth by making your team and turning your services into a business. After this, you just monitor and direct your team.

Nadir Ali is a famous prankster, who started making videos on youtube a few years ago. Now his channel P 4 Pakao has more than 3.63 Million Subscribers. A few months ago, he launched his production NAP. which is a big achievement for a YouTuber.


These are the things that prove freelancing is better than a job. On the other hand in employment, you are paid to work as long as you work.

If you are an employee and want to start a business, you have to quit your job and start from zero to make your clients. But in freelancing, you just need to take one step, which is to turn your services into a business because you already have a network of Clients.

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