Floods in India and Nepal killed more than 185 people

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Kerala, the state of India, is facing severe floods due to continuous rain. It had been raining for several days in the coastal state of Kerala, but the rains have intensified since 15th October.

Kottayam and Idukki are most affected by the floods due to heavy rains. About 164.5 millimeters and 305.5 millimeters of rain were recorded here in two days.

Many dams were opened in Kerala on Monday due to rising water levels to reduce the danger. Collectors were informed a few hours before the opening of the dam so that the people could have time to evacuate.

Uttrakhand is also inundated. Uttrakhand normally receives about 30 mm of rainfall in October but 324 mm of rainfall was recorded this week. Landslides also occurred in Uttrakhand due to continuous rains.

Along with Kerala and Uttrakhand, the neighboring country Nepal is also affected by the floods. A total of 185 deaths have been reported from the floods. 42 in Kerala, 88 in Nepal, and 64 die in Uttrakhand.

Panchthar district is most affected in eastern Nepal and Doti and Ilam districts in western Nepal. Total 49 deaths were reported in these districts. 24 in Panchthar, 13 in Ilam, and 12 are died in Doti.

The floods have uprooted houses and submerged them in water. roads are filled with muddy water. In views of heavy rain, the Indian metrological department forecast very heavy rains. Schools have been closed and tourist activities banned by the authorities.

After the river overflowed, more than 100 tourists were stranded at a resort in Ramgarh. Rescue operation is underway to find the missing and bring people to safe places. The death toll is expected to rise as more people go missing.

” Our house is gone, our children are gone, the hill near us has collapsed, a lot of damage has been done “. Said a woman from Kerala

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