How to find a profitable niche for blog in 2022

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Starting a blog is a hot drop for those who want to start their online business but many people make the mistake of choosing a niche for blog. People just hear about making money through blogging and start their blog without getting the basic information about it. Even they start writing without focusing on a specific niche which leads them to failure.

If you want to build a successful blogging career then you need to choose a profitable niche because a profitable niche helps you to make more money and generate more leads. so the question is How to find a profitable niche for blog?

Whatis meant by blogging
What is meant by Blogging?

How to find a profitable niche for blog?

A good niche for blog is to be more in profitability and low in competition. Usually, people start writing about what they know, it’s not wrong but if you want to make good money from your blog then you have to write on those niches that make you more money.

Always remember 3 things before choosing a niche for blog. The first one is The Profitability of the Niche, the second is The Competition of the Niche, and the third one is Your Relatability with the Niche you picked.

It’s a plus point for you if you met all the three things that I explained above but if not so it is not necessary. Suppose if you do not have a relation or knowledge with the chosen niche, so no problem you can get information about it from the internet but it is very important to know about the profitability and competition of the niche.

After all this, the question that may come to your mind is how can we check the profitability and competition of the niche?

How you can start a blog with no money
How you can start a blog with no money?

Profitibility of the Niche

Finding the profitability of the niche is a challenge for newbies because there is no way to find the exact profitability for your niche but you don’t need to worry about it because I will tell you about a tool named Google Adsense that you can use to view the estimated earning of any niche or category.

Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a popular program by Google that offers websites to place advertisements of companies and businesses and in return pays the website owners. Google AdSense is the main source of revenue for most websites. Google Adsense allows you to know the estimated earnings in different categories or niches.

Simply click on the link above and scroll down where you can see the section of ” Drive Revenue “. Just set your region and category and click on the calculate button. After this Google Adsense gives you an estimated earning according to your niche. You can see the example in the image below.

Google Adsense 1

It is just an estimation, there is no guarantee that you can make this amount. Actual revenue depends on many factors such as types of advertisement, user location, demands, etc.

Competition of the Niche

Due to lack of knowledge, People pick up a highly competitive niche that creates difficulties for them to rank. The niche you want to choose should have a good audience and less competition. Remember, always go for the niche that has low competition because it helps you to rank easily in Google.

It is very easy to know about the audience and competition of any niche. Some free tools are available on the internet that gives you some statistics about the audience and competition of niche.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool by Google that can show you a graph of searches on the internet. Google Trends lets you see trends in a particular country or period.

As you know, Google is the largest search engine in the world, and about 5.6 billion queries are searched on Google every day. So with the help of Google Trends, you can see the trends graph of your niche, and also you can guess about your audience.

If you want to know about the trends of your niche then Google trends is for you, simply click on the link above, add your country, and period, then it will give a graph. You can see the example in the image below.

Google Trends

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is also a tool by Google that can show you information about any keyword like Avg. Monthly searches, Keyword competition, etc. Finding the competition of the niche for blog so this tool is for best for you. Simply click on the image below, add your niche in the keyword planner tool and it will give some statistics according to your niche.

As you can see in the image below, the competition column shows High, Medium, and Low difficulty to rank your keyword in Google. so here is how you can see the competition of your niche.

The best thing about the keyword planner tool is that the tool is free and many bloggers are using this for getting low competition keywords for their blog. so must use if you want to know the competition of your niche.

Keyword planner


This is how you can find a profitable niche for blog. Remember one thing before choosing a niche, Always choose a micro-niche if you are starting your first blog because it will help you to rank easily in Google and will become your blogging career successful.

I hope this article will be helpful to you and must share this with your friends if you liked it and I salute your patience to read this article completely.

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