Meet Aaliyaan Chaudhary Fiverr’s Millionaire and top-rated seller

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There was a time when freelancing was considered a part-time job and people used to do it when they were unemployed but the last few years have seen a huge increase in freelancing. There are hundreds of people today who started freelancing due to unemployment and are living a good life today. Aaliyan is one of them.

Aaliyaan Chaudhry appeared in the world of the internet when he tripled his revenue on Fiverr after which he was covered by big blogs and magazines. In this article, you can know how a young man becomes a millionaire through the internet.


Aaliyaan is a seasoned freelancer known for his Fiverr top-rated seller who tripled their revenue in a very short period. He has expertise in WordPress design and Development, Social Media Marketing, and Youtube SEO with more than 10 years of experience.

He is born in Islamabad. Aaliyan wanted to achieve his dreams since childhood even though he is not from a very rich family. His parents wanted him to become a doctor but he was not interested in it. He wanted to do something different and unique that gives him freedom and a good lifestyle.

After FSC, he got admission to the University of Management and Technology, Lahore, considering BBA Honors as easy.

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After leaving study, he was sitting in a cafe with his friend, frustrated, wondering what I should do. His friend told him ” If you were in the same condition as you are today after graduation and you realize later that you have wasted five years of your life then you would too near to doomed because this time of your life makes or break your career ”

This is the turning point of his life and he decided to take admission to BBA Honors. He found BBA very easy and entered thinking that I would start some side hustle with it and then he started a blog because he loved writing. That’s how he came to the online world.

Since the launch of Fiverr in 2010, people have started paying attention to it because it allows everyone to post their service at their price and buyers buy it according to their needs.

Aaliyaan has also signed up for Fiverr and offered his services but he could not get the order and gave up. In 2013, He gave another try on Fiverr and publish their first Gig and offer service of Youtube Promotion. Luckily he got the order that day and from here a new era of his life started.

After this day, a never-ending cycle of orders began in Aaliyan’s life which continues till today. Not only did it offer YouTube promotional services, but over time it began offering a variety of services, including website design and building, website bugs, and error fixing, website SEO, etc.

He did not stop at one skill. He constantly invested in himself by learning more and more skills that benefited him. Now he is offering a total of 14 services on Fiverr including all of this.

In a question, Aaliyan was asked how he learned all these skills. He replied that all this learning material is available for free on the internet, especially on YouTube. I did not buy any special courses or take any classes. I polished my skills through practice.

Aaliyaan has a team that works for him and he just checks and responds to email daily. He worked with more than 30000 worldwide clients with 100% positive feedback which is itself an achievement.

After tripling his revenue on Fiverr, he was covered by big blogs including Fiverr official blogs, Propakistani, Being Guru, etc.

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Aaliyaan has also created more than 100 Custom themes & plugins. Aaliyan is also running a brunch of viral blogs as a hobby that gets more than 3 Million monthly hits. Also, he started his company by using his name Acom which provides technical services worldwide.

Aaliyan is also running a project “Logical Pakistan” at the social level, which aims to creatively highlight social issues, create awareness among the people and promote youth icons and inspirations.

” Focus on Quality rather than quantity. Always over Delivered to make your buyers want to come back to you over and over” Aaliyaan Said.


This is how Aaliyaan Chaudry become a millionaire through the internet. The concept of success is rarely seen in the early stages of life as it takes some time for it to flourish but Aaliyan became a successful person in his early life due to his hard work, determination, and Quality work.

For Beginners who want to earn money online, there is a lesson to learn success comes not only when you offer something new or plan something new, it comes when you stop waiting for some miracles to come knocking at your door, it comes with pursuing the right path.

So follow your passion as it will boost your energy to achieve your goals and hope this article is helpful to you. If you like it, be sure to share and I salute your patience that you read this completely.

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