Whatsapp clarifications about the new privacy policy

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With the change in WhatsApp’s privacy policy, various questions and concerns are circulating in everyone’s mind. People are worried that their data will be shared on Facebook or sold to someone, many such fears are coming to people’s minds due to which many people are shifting to signals and telegrams.

many people are moving to alternative messaging apps, including Signal and WhatsApp. Most people are moving on the signal which is causing the signal to go down. In the last few days, 25 million new users have moved to Telegram. On the other hand, Turkey has also announced the launch of local messaging app BiP, which is also very popular in Bangladesh.

In view of all this, WhatsApp has given a clarification for its privacy policy, stating that user data, especially messages, will be protected and end-to-end encrypted. The following is a detailed explanation through WhatsApp.

Whatsapp Clarifications

  • Personal messages and calls: Whatsapp made it clear that your personal messages and calls are end to end encrypted and safe. Personal messages include voice notes, pics, videos, etc.  Whatsapp and Facebook can’t read your messages and hear your calls. Whatsapp assures us that we have never compromised on the security of your messages.
  • Location: Whatsapp can’t see your shared location, even Facebook can’t see. No one can see your location except the person you share with. It means your location is protected by end-to-end encrypted.
  • Contacts: People’s concerned that their contacts are shared on Facebook. So WhatsApp clarifies that your contacts do not share with Facebook. Whatsapp can access your contact list after your permission to make messaging fast.
  • Groups: Your group’s detail will remain private. Groups’ data are also protected by end-to-end encrypted. Whatsapp can use group membership to deliver messages and to protect our service from spam and abuse.
  • Messaging & Calling record of everyone: Whatsapp doesn’t collect information about who calling or messaging you. According to WhatsApp, it is a privacy and security risk.
  • Download your data: Users can see and download the information that WhatsApp has on your account within the app. you can read more about this.

In this clarification, Whatsapp explained about shared location, that  “WhatsApp even Facebook can’t see your shared location”  which is a good thing. But on the other hand, WhatsApp can access your location through your IP address. Not only that, WhatsApp can get your location through your wi-fi router. WhatsApp did not say anything about this, which was worrying.

Behind all the issues of WhatsApp, the main reason is the parent company Facebook, which is very poor in terms of privacy. There have been a lot of preamble and fines on Facebook based on privacy.

Many users are leaving WhatsApp out of concern for their privacy.  A lot of people are left before. As mentioned above, people are switching to Signal and telegram just because feeling insecure. Whatsapp could suffer huge losses if it does not change its policy.

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