3 Best Qasim Ali Shah Books for the youngster

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Qasim Ali Shah is a well-known personality of Pakistan who does not need any introduction. He is one of the most popular motivational speakers in Pakistan and is listened to by people of all ages. His style of speaking and his influential words reach the hearts of the people which made him famous.

Also, very few people know that he is a very good writer. He wrote 12 books, most of which focus on self-help. His foundation works on an objective that ” Pakistan will transform if the thought transforms “. In this article, I will tell you the 3 best Qasim Ali Shah books that every young person must read.

3 Best Qasim Ali Shah Books for Youngsters

By the way, every book written by Qasim Ali Shah is the best that is useful to highlight the thinking of any human being but here I will tell you 3 best books which will help every young person to move forward in life.

Qasim Ali Shah Biography
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1- Soch Ka Himalaya

The Book Soch Ka Himalaya is composed by Qasim Ali Shah and published by Nai Soch in 2018. There are 38 chapters in this book including decision making, time management, mental maturity, the value of success, and many other important chapters are written in the book that every person must read at an early age.

The name of this book Soch Ka Himalaya was given by the famous writer Tariq Baloch Sehrai And attributed the book to Syed Sarfraz Shah who is a very famous writer.

2- Unchi Uraan

Unchi Uraan is one of the most famous books by Qasim Ali Shah. The book is published by Ruby Publishing. Unchi Uraan is a self-help book which is consists of 38 chapters in which you can learn the most important lessons of life.

In the book, the author gives you lectures on personality building, such as how you can eliminate negative thinking, how to create a positive attitude, how to create gratitude, and other important chapters are present in the book Which will be helpful for youngsters to move forward in life.

A very important and instructive chapter in the book is also tied to the life of the author which is mentioned under the name “From University to Qasim Ali Shah Academy”. This chapter is written about the journey of Qasim Ali Shah which started at university and continues today.

3- Bari Manzil Ka Musafir

Bari Manzil ka Musafar is also a very good book on self-help. The book is also published by Ruby Publishing which is consist of 18 chapters. The book guides you that how to get big success and how you can achieve your goals in real life.

In the book, the author says that those who accept the situation and change and move forward are successful and those who do not accept the change of circumstances do not change their thinking and do not develop themselves.

In addition, the book contains important chapters, including self-confidence, leadership, and economic development

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