List of CDA Approved Societies in Islamabad

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As you know the population of Islamabad is increasing day by day due to which the demand for houses is growing rapidly. According to the statistics, the total population of Islamabad is 1198000 which was 862000 in 2012. To meet the growing demand for housing in Pakistan, housing societies have generally been established at both the public and private levels. Whereas if we look at developed countries, high-rise buildings are constructed to accommodate the growing population.

The business of housing societies has been booming in Pakistan for the past few years and many housing societies are still under construction. Every housing society has to get approval from the city authority to get legal status before starting work but unfortunately, some housing societies are illegal and not approved by Capital Development Authority.

According to the CDA Ordinance 1960 and the Building Resolution, no construction or development can take place in Islamabad without the permission of the CDA. Not only this but the CDA also has the power to demolish illegal constructions whether it is a building or a housing society. This Ordinance makes it clear that CDA can take strict action against illegal housing societies which subsequently cause hardship to citizens.

To create awareness and secure citizens’ investments, CDA has issued a list of approved societies in Islamabad so that citizens can avoid illegal societies and invest their money in the right place.

RDA Approved Societies

CDA Approved Societies

Following are the CDA approved societies in Islamabad that you can check before investing in any society. There are some societies whose NOC was issued by CDA but later canceled, so those housing societies are not included in this list.

CDA Approved Societies in Islamabad

Sr #Society NameAreaMoziaLOPNOC
1Apna Zephyr Dale Agro Farms4980Maira BegwalApprovedIssued
2Al Hamra Avenue626Ara and ChirahApprovedIssued
3Bahria Town Phase II, III, V & VI2501Kotha KalanApprovedIssued
4Bahria Town Phase VII-E711Khota Kalan, HumakApprovedIssued
5Bahria Enclave-II, Phase-II1180PhulgranApprovedIssued
6Bahria Enclave-II, Angro Farming Scheme2489Sakreela, Petha & BobriApprovedIssued
7CBR Town1041Lohi Bher, Soan Garden RoadApprovedIssued
8Cabinet Divisions Employees Cooperative Housing Society4405Sectors E-16 & E-17ApprovedIssued
9Engineers Housing Society1156Sectors D-16 & D-17ApprovedIssued
10Gulshan e Sehat1748Sector E-18ApprovedIssued
11Gulberg Residencia (IBECHS Ph-III)19390Mouza Darwala, Khatreel and Sher Dhamyal, Darwala RoadApprovedIssued
12Gulberg Greens Farm Housing Scheme18660Mouza Koral, Boora Bangial, Pahag, Darwala, Ghora SardarApprovedIssued
13Islamabad Gardens811Sector E-11ApprovedIssued
14Khayaban e Kashmir, Phase-I3480Sectors G-15/ F-15ApprovedIssued
15Multi Gardens, Phase-I7673Sectors A-17, B-17 & B-18ApprovedIssued
16Multi Gardens, Phase-II4480Sector B-18ApprovedIssued
17Ministry of Interior Employees Co-operative Housing Society1630 Sector G-16ApprovedIssued
18Naval Anchorage3702Mouza Sihala Khurd and GangotaApprovedIssued
19OPF Housing Scheme4683 Mouza Ladhyot, Herdogehr, Pind Malkan, Japan RoadApprovedIssued
20Paradise City1900Sector F-16, F-17 & G-17ApprovedIssued
21Pakistan Navy Farms, Simly Dam Road, Islamabad2343Pind Bhegwal Mera Bhegwal and AthalApprovedIssued
22Rahman Enclave Housing Scheme705Mouza Tarlai Kalan, Tarlai Khurd Chak Sudhar, and Khanna DakApprovedIssued
23Supreme Court Employees Housing Scheme2222Mouza Barkat and Mouza NaugaziApprovedIssued
24Senate Avenue680Mouza Herdogher, Gagri, Dharwala, Khartil and PaejaApprovedIssued
25Tele Gardens Housing Scheme1758Sector F-17/3ApprovedIssued
26T&T Employees Cooperative Housing Society (Tele Gardens)1435 Sector F-17/2ApprovedIssued
27Zaraj Housing1516Mouza Humak and Bhangrial Khurd, G.T. RoadApprovedIssued
CDA Approved Societies

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